Christina Vega, the Brooklyn native, stumbled upon the beauty industry after a deep love for color and creation in the arts.   After switching her paint brushes for makeup brushes, Vega graduated from Lia Schorr Institute in 2008 to obtain her beautician license. Vega started at Sephora in 2010 as a makeup artist and moved quickly up the ranks to currently become the face of the Personal Beauty Advisor campaign. With a desire to go beyond conventional makeup artist paths, Vega took her craft to Sephora University. She soon began to teach classes at Sephora stores in order to educate everyday women on their beauty routine. She believes in the merge of inner and outer beauty to create a secure, yet delicate outlet for women to use makeup recreationally. Taking her passion of education to the next level, Vega later became a Senior Artist at Sephora and is now teaching inspiring makeup artists at CHIC Studios School of Makeup in New York City. She recently opened up her very own makeup boutique in Soho, NYC. Vega does makeup and light hair styling for weddings, fashion shows, movies, and music videos, to name a few. She also uses her artistic talent to help raise awareness and to change lives. Vega has done countless makeovers to raise money for charitable organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, and Light the Night. Without realizing she would end up in the beauty industry, Vega is thrilled to have found her calling by doing what she loves. 

Christina is currently based in New York City.